Our Services & Specialties ...
Aligning Technique & Objective

Some of the areas we specialize in :

  • Association research: Membership satisfaction, publishing, product, services & benefits, and  CE  
  • Education (PK-12 & Higher Ed): Core curriculum, technology, supplementals, professional development, online classrooms and funding and purchasing issues  
  • Environmental research: Water  conservancy, utilities usage & security, new product development and governmental regulations  
  • Healthcare/Veterinary: Industry compensation & benefits, fee reference publications, production, staffing needs and continuing education evaluations

Our Scope of Services

  • New Product Development
  • Brand Awareness & Attitude Studies
  • Trend Analysis/Tracking Studies
  • Market Share & Market Penetration Analysis
  • Tests of Promotional Concepts,
    Campaigns & Materials
  • Product/Service Usage Studies
  • Legal Studies
  • Pricing Studies
  • Customer/Membership Satisfaction Studies
  • Industry Compensation & Benefits Studies
You tell us what information you need to drive decisions. We'll review those business issues and provide you with a project scope and appropriate research options.

Questionnaire Design
A properly designed questionnaire is paramount to the integrity of the data. We'll work with you to design a questionnaire that meets your research objectives.

Data Collection
We have experienced researchers on-site and have developed highly effective training and briefing procedures. We monitor calls for understanding, quality and professionalism.

Data Processing & Analysis
Our goal is to give you more than data. Our objective is to deliver actionable, clear data reporting and interpretation. Working together, we can design reports that include data tables, table interpretation, data highlights, executive summaries, multimedia presentation summaries and detailed text analysis. We can also present data to your team by request.