Our Business Principles:
Your Assurance of Quality

Market knowledge and insight begin not with answers but with the right questions. At Rocky Mountain Market Research, our commitment is to support your research objectives…helping you craft and execute studies that ask the right questions… so you receive quality, actionable data. We’re research professionals by trade and training and we offer extensive experience in the full range of research techniques and data analysis.

Your Assurance of Objectivity

We are management owned and operated. Why does this matter? It translates directly to objectivity and heightened client commitment. We are not owned by a large corporation that may in fact be competing in your market. Nor are we a franchise that focuses on volume rather than service. We established this firm to work one-to-one with our clients and our independence gives us the flexibility to devote full resources to each project we undertake.

Accuracy & Experience
We brief each research team thoroughly for each project. Our researchers are monitored on all projects for quality and accuracy.

No "Professional" Respondents
We simply do not recruit focus groups from previous respondent lists. This practice, a standard at many research firms, leads to "professional" respondents. These respondents have become expert at undermining the screening or qualifying process and they typically offer little direct experience with the subject matter at hand.

You Are Our Priority
Your satisfaction and the quality of your project are our priorities. You can count on us to suggest optimum data gathering strategies…even when those strategies reduce the scope of a project. Why? Because our goal extends beyond "the job." Our objective is to earn your confidence, your trust and your repeat assignments.